An Indonesia zoo considers resorting to a deer cull as the big cats starve from the pandemic-induced crisis

indonesia zoo

The coronavirus pandemic is about to push an Indonesian zoo off the edge as the big cats such as the Sumatran tiger and the Javan leopard face the risk of starvation. The zoo authorities have complained that after the pandemic forced them to shut the gates, they don’t have enough resources to feed their animals. Owing to this, a proposal is on the table that some animals will be slaughtered and fed to others for survival.

The zoo’s 800+ animals have already been put on reduced portion sizes than before. However, the zoo expects to be able to feed these animals only for a few more months, after which it contemplates culling several animals to feed the others should the worst happen.

indonesia zoo

 indonesia zoo

The Bandung zoo is located in Indonesia’s 4th largest city and brings in about $81k a month from the visitors. The zoo was last open on March 22 after which the country had imposed a nation-wide lockdown to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

The zoo plans on culling older and unproductive deer that are unable to breed anymore in an attempt to save the lives of their Sumatran tiger and Javan leopard. Moreover, they are also considering culling some birds such as geese.

indonesia zoo

The Sumatran Tiger, that the zoo has named Fitri, has been moved onto a smaller portion of 8kg of meat as against the 10kg portion earlier.

In fact, the Indonesian Association of zoo, has asked President Joko Widodo to intervene, as they estimate about 55 zoos out total 60 can only feed their animals for a couple of months.

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