COVID-19 Vaccine for Cats: Applied DNA Science plans initiation of clinical trials

Cat COVID Vaccine

Could cats have a COVID-19 vaccine before humans do? Well, they might just. Applied DNA Sciences has revealed its plan to begin clinical trial of LineaDNA vaccines, which is one of its 5 candidates, for prevention of coronavirus infections in pet cats.

Applied DNA added that the trials will be a collaborated effort between itself and Evvivax SRL, a biotech firm, once the approval comes through from US Dept. of Agriculture.

Cat COVID Vaccine

The study aims to study the response of feline immune system, the vaccine’s safety and tolerability. It also hopes to ascertain antibody and T-cell response in these cats.

The trial will comprise 30 healthy cats and trace them for a 6-month period. Only once the trials are concluded, will the world find out about the safety of using the vaccine in felines. Meanwhile, however, several cats around the world have been reported to have contracted the coronavirus. However, scientists have assured the feline owners that they are unlikely to get the infection from their cats.

Cat COVID Vaccine

Earlier this year, LineaDNA was claimed to have achieved a strong antibody response when used on mice at low doses – claims Applied DNA. If the vaccine is successful, it will indeed be a feat for Applied DNA Sciences. A vaccine for humans is still underway, and in the meantime a vaccine for cats has emerged. If the vaccine for cats is approved before the vaccine for humans, the world will experience a bitter sweet moment to say the least.

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