Eager to travel with your cat? We’ve got you covered

Cat travel

If you love traveling but hate to leave your kitty back home, we bring you some of the best and unexpected placed where you and your feline companion can both have fun. The diverse list comprises both natural and cultural locations.

Cat travel

Japan’s Cat Island

With a human to cats ration of 1:5, Aoshima Island located in northwestern Japan is an excellent rejuvenating destination. It was a thriving village back in the day, but only 15 residents are now permanently situated in the village. Nevertheless, the cat population has continued to break the charts, owing to an old belief that feeding cats makes their family wealthy. Noteworthily, Aoshima is only the most popular island of the total of 12 “cat islands” of Japan.

Keio Plaza Hotel’s Hello Kitty Rooms

ODing on the pink cuties may overwhelm some, but if you or your family are Hello Kitty fans, these rooms are the place to be!

A hell kitty doll, hello kitty toiletries, and hello kitty night-time snacks are all part of the 8-themed Keio Hotel Plaza rooms located in Tokyo’s Shinjuku area.

Cat travel

House of Sir Ernest Hemingway

Visitors that tour Sir Hemingway’s property in Key West confess that their prime attraction rests in the four dozen kittens. These cats have the permission to roam free across the property, even where visitors are prohibited. The visitors can pet these furballs, but don’t pick them up. If the cats feel like interacting, they’ll come to you – but how is that news?

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