German circus survives the pandemic woes with the help of big cats’ excretions

Cat droppings

Germany’s Krone Circus homes 26 lions and tigers and it has chosen a rather unusual way of fighting out the pandemic induced crisis. They managed to generate income by selling droppings of big cats in jars even as they coronavirus restrictions continued to create economic friction.

Martin Lacey, the circus’ lion tamer, says his customers swear by this stuff. His customers use the fecal matter to keep cats off their gardens. They are also helpful to keep animals away from the car that nibble away at your car’s electric cables.

Cat droppings

As the circus awaits permission for its next performance, their pop-up shop is as well is managing to spread some laughter. A circus performance brings together a large audience together, which carries plenty of risk given how quickly the virus has been spreading.

The jars come at 5 euros a piece, and a part of the proceeds are donated to a charity that works toward improving the captive animals’ living conditions.

Cat droppings

If you don’t have a cat or a pest problem in your garden, the droppings also do a stellar job of keeping pesky neighbors away from you, chuckles Lacey.

Be that as it may, it has become increasingly evident that constraint breeds creativity. With a pandemic sponsored economic storm unravelling, people have resorted to all sorts of activities that will fetch them their daily bread. Without conventional options, people are taking up rather unique steps toward generating some extra income.

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