In a first, New York cats test COVID-19 positive

NYC Cats

New York City has become the first city in the US to have first pets that have tested for the COVID-19. Nevertheless, there is no evidence to back the claim that animals can spread the virus to humans, explain the US Health authorities.

The pets suffered mild respiratory illness and are on their path to making a full recovery. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention believes that the pets were infected by people either in their own household or around the neighborhood.


Although animal to human transmission has not been proven, pets themselves are prone to getting infected as per Dr. Anthony Fauci who is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Only a few pets have been known to be infected with the coronavirus around the globe. The data from the American Veterinary Medical Association states that a cat in Hong Kong infected with the virus never showed any of the symptoms, while a cat fully recovered from the disease within 9 days in Belgium.

The Wildlife Conservation Society managed Bronx Zoo in New York also discovered 3 lions and 5 tigers to be infected with the coronavirus, and clarified that one of the tigers did not develop any cough.


In the US, New York has become the epicenter of the outbreak of the virus. Just like other nations, the state authorities are also taking preventive actions to contain the spread of the deadly virus. However, they have clarified that the residents need not for their pets or abandon them since they are unlikely to transmit the infection to humans, with a rare chance of them being infected in the first place.

A study has prompted the WHO to investigate the effects and causes of coronavirus infection among cats

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