NYC apartments prefer cats against dogs, new data claims

NYC Apartment Cats

Dogs have enjoyed unchallenged affection from their human counterparts. However, new data suggests that NYC apartments consider cats a more preferable tenant as compared to the good boys.

NeighborhoodX, a real estate and analytics firm, has come out with data that apparently shows that among the NYC’s pet-friendly listings – cats have a marginal edge in comparison to their canine friends.

NYC Apartment Cats

The study reveals that in the studio-apartment category, pet-friendly listings leaned in favor of cats with 51.3% against the 47.7% for canines. Moreover, in the one-bedroom category, the ratio leaned further in favor of cats at 54.9% and only 51.2% for doggos. Finally, in the two-bedroom category, the ratio bounced to 57.5% in favor of cats against the dogs’ 54.9%.

Philip Salem, a Triplemint agent says that buildings have suddenly introduced restricts for dogs in terms of breed and weight in both the rental and sales listings. He reveals that he has increasingly come across situations where the client loses out on the apartment only because their dog’s weight more than 80 pounds. Being an animal advocate himself, he shares that he felt disheartened that his clients had to lose out on a great apartment only because of the weight limit for dogs, who by the way are like children to the clients.

NYC Apartment Cats

The statistical difference is not bothersome, says Constantine Valhouli of NeighborhoodX. What’s causing this preference bias is the rise of hardwood floors and commonality of badly trained dogs that are loud. The building owners feel that larger dogs have larger nails that could damage the hardwood floors. So there isn’t much of a bias so to speak, its just that cats are inherently more behaved, which make them exceptional tenants.


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