Prince of Cats move: Lakeith Stanfield takes the lead role

Prince of Cats

Lakeith Stanfield has been on a streak for a while now with Atlanta, Sorry To Bother You, and Get Out. The streak is set to continue with him taking on the lead role for the move adaption of the beloved Prince of Cats, reimagining of Romeo and Juliet which is based in Brooklyn.

Lakeith Standfield was first reported to star in the movie adaptation of the graphic novel, the feature rights of which went to Legendary Entertainment through an auction.

Prince of Cats

What’s Prince of Cats: A Remake of Romeo and Juliet Based in Brooklyn

Ron Wimberly’s graphic novel that was first published back in 2012, and then re-released later in 2016 tells the Romeo and Juliet’s story, only in a much modern setting – the 1980s Brooklyn. The Prince of Cats also focuses more on Romeo’s rival character Tybalt.

The graphic novel has been lauded by AV Club and NPR for the way it has given the classic Shakespearean story a modern touch.

The New Yorkers find Romeo and Juliet much more relatable owing to the Brooklyn scenes in Prince of Cats. As per NPR, there’s a scene where Juliet paints a view from atop the Ferris Wheel of the Coney Island.

Prince of Cats

Lakeith has been invited to play Tybalt, the lead role. Although, a director has not been announced so far, and neither has a time been set. But we’ll keep our eyes wide open to scoop for information about when we’ll see Lakeith Stanfield in the revamped Brooklyn-based Romeo and Juliet.

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