Shenzhen introduces a ban on eating cats and dogs owing to the COVID-19 outbreak

china ban

Following the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2, the Chinese city of Shenzhen has introduced a band on eating cats and dogs as they attempt to curb wildlife trade.

Scientists suggest that the first human was infected with the coronavirus from an animal. More accurately, the earliest cases of COVID-19 were discovered to be in those who were exposed to Wuhan’s wildlife market where snakes, bats, civets, and other such animals are available for human consumption.

china ban

The banning of wildlife trade and consumption was first announced by the Chinese legislature towards the end of Februray.

Chinese official Liu Jianping at the Shenzhen Center for Disease Prevention and Control highlighted that livestock, seafood, and poultry made available to people are more than sufficient.

However, he also mentioned that there’s no evidence to back the claim that wildlife is more notorious in comparison with livestock or poultry, reports Shenzhen Daily, the state-owned media.

china ban

The initial rules that were put on the table during the latter part of February proposed to band frog and turtle consumption, both of which are commonly consumed in the Southern region of China.

Animal welfare organizations across the globe have lauded the city’s campaign to curb consumption of wildlife.

Humane Society International’s Teresa M. Telecky explained that Shenzhen was the first city globally to learn a lesson from the ongoing pandemic and move toward a regime that will avoid other pandemics in the future. She also stated that governments around the world should take inspiration and emulate the bold steps of the Chinese city to curb wildlife trade and consumption.

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