Steve Winter, the Nat Geo Wildlife Photographer, is sharing his adventures and we can’t keep calm

Steve Winter

Steve Winter has had a long streak of adventure through his life as a wildlife photographer. He’s been chased by Jaguars and attacked by Bears during his Nat Geo career. He’s all set to arrive to Philly to share hid adventures as he commences his Nat Geo Live series. Let’s delve a little into what Steve thinks about where he began his wholesome journey as a photographer.

Steve Winter

Where did Steve’s journey as a photographer began?

Steve says it was his father who introduced him to photography, and trained him at only seven years of age. Within one year, Steve had already made up his mind to become a Nat Geo photographer, so he always saw it coming. He went to an art school in San Francisco eventually, but didn’t learn much there – it was a lot of fun though, he claims. His really skill-sharpening began when he became an assistant photographer.

Steve Winter

What is it that you want to capture when you take a photo?

I knew nothing about wildlife photography when I joined Nat Geo, and took my first wildlife picture only at thirty-four years. What’s important here is the story of the animal and how it manifests from the picture. It was very important to me photographically that I avoid looking at plenty of landscape or animal pictures to preserve my approach toward wildlife photography. It also important to share their story through the picture because a good photo doesn’t do much for the animal itself, and to let others know their story is important to me.




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