These Basra Cats are having their own moment in the hotel, far away from the war

Basra Cat Hotel

Basra’s cat lovers have established a safe haven for their beloved felines, far away from the war zone.

Ahmed Taher Maki, a Veterinary student, seems to believe that he may have just opened up a cat hotel in the southern city.

Basra Cat Hotel

With a rental of meagre 5,000 dinars ($4.2) a night, or at 50% for a longer stay, the guest kitties can enjoy wholesome meals, beds, regular health checkups, a tiny play area, and all of it under the cooling purr of ACs.

Maki is eager on making efforts towards encouraging the residents of his city to adopt cats that are starving. He is also working towards proving an affordable solution for those who face a sticky situation when they want to on a trip but can’t take their cat along, or have no alternative arrangements for them to stay.

Basra Cat Hotel

He says that caring for animals purifies the soul and makes your heart merciful. The hotel is aimed to achieve a larger noble cause and has never be done or thought of in Iraq, or in particular the southern city of Basra.

In a country that’s ravaged by war, there are people looking to take the small steps towards making the world a better place. A young student has taken an initiative to help animals setting an example that others could follow. We hope the young lad leads the way into making his city a better place for animals to live in.

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