These Texas Kitties Transformed into Ferocious Bobcats


The kind San Antonio family that took in two adorable-looking felines with giant blue eyes. But alas, it was only a short-lived adoration as the felines soon tore up the formula bottles and persistently attacked the same hands which were feeding them.

The SA family, who requested anonymity, revealed to the authorities that they had mistaken the cats for a rare breed known as the Bengal cats. As it turns out, the kittens were wild bobcats and had been brought to a local shelter in the same week. The officials on Tuesday stated that they are now investigating the family for possible violation of Texas wildlife laws.

Lisa Norwood, an ACS spokesperson, clarified that Bengal cats resemble housecats and never wild cats. It is unlikely that anybody would confuse one with the other.

Initially, the family had maintained their stance that they located the abandoned cubs in an alleyway. But eventually, they came clean and revealed that their relatives found the kittens in a close by rural county and transported to SA.

Authorities explained that should the kittens turn out to be bobcats, the family faces the danger of legal charges for unlawful disturbance of wild animals.


A search has also been initiated to locate the cubs’ mothers. If the mother is nowhere to be found, the cats might never return into the wild.

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation found Lynn Cuny said that it’s best for people to leave wild animals alone – babies in particular because their parents almost never let the baby go too far.

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