Wildcats win NCAA and Nova fans can’t hold their excitement

Wild cats

Philly is making plans for another victory parade, for the championship team. Monday night, the Wildcats grabbed their 2nd NCAA championship in the 3-year period. The win has put the fans in a euphoric mood and parties have emerged across town to celebrate their team’s win.

Wild cats

As per sources, Villanova is set to get another victory parade through the streets of Philly on Thursday. The particulars of the parade should come out sometime on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the town is getting pumped with ways to support their team for a massive victory. Celebrations have emerged throughout the city with people cheering the team’s effort. The win is also being discussed by people online who are writing slogans and trash-talking other teams as they celebrate their much-deserved win.

After defeating Michigan Wolverines with a 79-62, the Villanova University students went into a party-mode late night on Monday as they witnessed their team win on an on-campus viewing session. The school has also announced that all classes until Tuesday stand cancelled. And why shouldn’t they go all-in when celebrating? It’s only justified given the momentum the finals had built for these students, it’s next to impossible to hold their excitement at this point.

Wild cats

The last NCAA championship for Nova was complemented with a victory parade that went through the Philly streets and managed to draw close to 50,000 fans. What this parade pulls off, is something we must wait and watch. Considering Philly’s emotional attachment with the team, it’s hard to put a number.


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