A neglected Russian girl imitates cats and dogs; father held

feral child cat behavior

A 5-year old girl of Russian origin was placed in the custody of state after the police found her by herself in an apartment full of cats and dogs, where she was imitating the behavior of animals.

The child lived with her father and grandparents in Chita, the regional capital. The girl was kept in a filthy apartment, said the police in Siberia’s Transbaikal region.

feral child cat behavior

The local precinct’s Larisa Popova, who is the head of affairs of children, told Rossiya TV that the Russian girl had developed some feral attributes.

Popova also revealed that the child was left in an extremely unsanitary condition and it had a terrible stench. There were several animals – both cats and dogs. Its quite likely that the girl was raised by the animals themselves.

Police stated that the girl seems to comprehend Russian, but doesn’t speak much, and they are making efforts to collect evidence to back the neglect charges against the father.

Nina Yemelyanova, in charge of the reception department where the girl child has been placed, shared that the girl seems to be imitating an animal’s behavior.

feral child cat behavior

She revealed that when she leaves the room, the girl child jumps toward the door and begins to bark. She doesn’t seem to know table manners either – during a meal, she puts the spoon away and laps up the food off the dish.

Local news agency spokesman Yegor Markov reports that the father faces neglect charges, which could land him behind the bars for up to 3 years. Chita is about 4,700 km east of the Russian Capital.

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