A Russian Town has Employed a Cat Chief to Tend to Strays

Cat chief

Russia witnessed an extremely unusual ad that said a cat chief is wanted at Zelenogradsk, Russia for attending to the approximately 70 stray felines of the town.

In an attempt to brand itself as Russia’s first cat-loving community, the town has erected a statue of a cat and added a cat to its emblem as well. It has so far received close to 80 application for the new role.

Ultimately, Svetlana Logunova, a local resident stepped up to be appointed as the guardian of the cats of her town. She has been provided a uniform and bicycle, a bright green jacket, hat and a black bow tie to help her as she begins her task.

Cat chief

She has been given the freedom to spend as much as 5,700 roubles every month to make sure that all cats of seaside’s community are happy. She will be giving them food and treats, strokes, and bicycle rides in the little kitty basket attached to it. She will be responsible for the all-round well-being of the cats in and around the town. This includes basic necessities such as food and timely veterinary care, and also the luxuries of a feline life such as cuddles, bike rides and treats.

Cat chief

Logunova, however, highlighted that it can be quite challenging to care for all cats single-handedly. She could really use a helping hand if one can be made available. It is reasonable since one single person may find it overwhelming to care for 70 cats at once, given how we experience challenges taking care of just one at home.

Guys, there’s a school for cats! We’re calling it… Kittengarten

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