Bangkok Cat Café Is Back In Action Post The Virus Lockdown

Bangkok Cat Cafe

As the lockdown restrictions ease, Thailand’s Cafes are rolling back into action, and their fluffball “employees” have returned to their shifts at the Caturday Café.

A few dozen fluffy felines have been at the café since a while and lounge around, as they break up from naps to provide the joy of snuggles to the customers of the café.

Bangkok Cat Cafe

These feline furrballs provide the direly needed external contact to Thais who, for the most part, have been confined in their homes while the country imposed partial lockdowns with only essential businesses allowed to remain open.

Pantip Keeseeree, a regular at the café, rushed to the café as soon as she found out it has reopened. She says that earlier they had no option to go anywhere which was quite stressful, but coming to the café makes us feel relaxed and at ease.

Much like the rest of Thailand, the café has imposed rules with an intent to stop the virus from spreading. Before letting the customers in, they go through a temperature check and hand sanitization, and are only allowed if they have a mask on.

Arisa Limpanawongsanon, the owner, complains that even though we have opened, both the domestic and foreign traffic has gone down by as much as 50%.

Bangkok Cat Cafe

Arisa is a mom to 50 cats of different breeds. Among these, about 35 cats keep rotating between the home and the café at regular intervals.

To really be safe, the cats are being given dry baths, eyes cleansed, and have their fur brushed regularly.

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