Breaking the ages old restriction, Westminster opens up for cats

westminster cat show

It seems, afterall, that cats and dogs can find a common ground as declared at the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which featured the first ever feline appearance. Previously, never have cats and dogs appeared at the same event since separate events were held for both. However, this year has turned out to be a special year with felines joining their canine counterparts in a much-celebrated event, and managed to sweep the audience off their feet.

westminster cat show

The prestigious event, for the first time ever, invited cats and as you could have guessed, it was awwdorable. And how could it not be? All that cuteness with them doggos running about, and mix that up with some gentle feline cattitude, it was bound to be a hit – and people went gaga over the course of the entire event.

Although the felines will not be part of the official competition at the event on Mon and Tue. However, in all prior years, the events for dogs and cats were held separately. The WKC in partnership with the American Kennel Club managed to present a Bengal cat all the way from Maryland. The Bengal cat named Jungletrax Abiding Ovation was brought to meet the canine-loving crowd that attended the event in large numbers.

westminster cat show

We can only hope that the tradition continues, and even brings more such changes in the future so both dog and cat lovers alike, can enjoy the prestigious show at Westminster.


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