Buddhist Monks are as Patient as They Come, or are they? A Feline Takes the Test

Monk cat

A Buddhist Monk’s five-hour long prayers on New Year’s Day try to battle a cat’s request for affection as the monk continues to make attempt to concentrate on his chants.

A temple follower who maintains a Facebook page posted a video that Thais instantly fell in love with, where the Buddhist monk is seen gently distancing the cat away that has crawled into the monk’s lap.

Monk cat

About 95% of Thailand’s population is Buddhist, and Buddhism puts plenty of emphasis on respecting all living beings.

The monk made a number of attempts to send the cat away who had climb on the monk’s saffron-colored robe. The cat went on to hold on to the stubbornness and blocked the monk’s view to the scripture book. Ultimately, the monk gave up and began playing with the feline intruder.

Luand Pi Komkrit Taechachoto, which is his monastic name, is a 25-year-old Buddhist monk. He explains that he was attempting to read the book, but the cat kept grabbing his attention.

Monk cat

The temple called Wat Udomrangsi is located on the outskirts of Bangkok. A senior monk at the temple was sitting just adjacent from the sight of the event to which he had drawn a stern eye. The cat is known to be a regular visitor at the temple.

The recorder of the video, Nophayong Sookhpan, also revealed that the cat went on the stage about 15 minutes before midnight and stuck around until the countdown concluded.

The video has since garnered over 300,000 views and has also been broadcasted on Thai TV.

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