Cat Declawing Banned Through a Vote by New York Senate

Cat Declawing

In a first, NYC is set to become the 1st US state to put a ban on cat declawing.

On Tuesday, Senate passed a law that bans surgical removal of a cat’s claws, and it will be on its way to Governor Andrew Cuomo should the Assembly pass it.

Cat Declawing

Traditionally, the declawing procedure involves amputating the last bone of all toes of the cat. A common misconception that people have about declawing is that it is an equivalent of clipping a cat’s nails. However, the advocates of banning the declawing argue that the procedure is similar to a punishment given when a person is indebted to a mob. Should declawing be performed on humans, it would involve chopping off all fingers at the lack knuckle.

Jennifer Conrad, an advocate of the ban and a California Vet who was in Albany back in May had explained to the press that it is amputation and equivalent too grabbing a cigar cutter to chop off the end joint.

The Human Society’s Empire State director, Brian Shapiro, has described declawing as a surgery that is inhumane and done only for convenience. He added that it could lead to excruciating complications or some critical health effects.

Cat Declawing

However, the state’s Vets aren’t too enthused about the proposal.

The NY State’s Veterinary Medical Soc. has opposed a full ban. The experts had argued that declawing should be accessible as a last resort for cats that can’t stop scratching their humans or the furniture. Especially, if the owner’s immune system is weakened, a scratch might expose him or her to a risk of infection.



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