Cat in England Tests COVID-19 Positive

England cat COVID

Britain has confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in cats as a cat was reported on Monday to have contracted the disease.

The Ministry of British Environment stated the all the evidence that we have seems to suggest that the cat contracted the virus from the owners, both of whom had tested COVID-19 positive.

England cat COVID

The Ministry refused to identify the individuals, but assured everyone that the cat or the owners have not transmitted the coronavirus to other people or animals, and they have fully recovered from the virus as well.

Public Health England’s medical director Yvonne Doyle explains that this is the first COVID-19 infection detected in a cat in the UK, but that should not be considered a cause for alarm.

Doyle further explains that the contraction of the virus took place from the humans to the animal, and not the other way round.

England cat COVID

The confirmation was given by the government following Wednesday’s lab tests and they highlighted that there has been no evidence whatsoever that cats can transmit the coronavirus to their human counterparts.

WHO had said earlier that cats remain the most vulnerable to the coronavirus infection, and could potentially transmit the virus to other felines.

Christine Middlemiss, the Chief Veterinary Officer, highlighted that events of animals being infected so far have been rare, and the cases have also been limited to mild symptoms with recovery period of a few days.

WHO has communicated that it will look into the potentiality of a cat transmitting the virus to humans, but the chief scientist assured that there is hardly any risk to humans from domestic animals.

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