Catalan Cat Shelter Gets Creative To Aid COVID Orphans

Cat Sanctuary

El Jardinet dels Gats, Barcelona’s cat sanctuary launches a campaign online in an attempt to get cats adopted since they have had a full-house owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has led people to abandon cats.

Alex Salvador, the owner, was seen shooting an ad seeking donations that was broadcast live in Instagram as the cats of varying shapes, sizes, and colors were basking in the warm autumn sun in the sanctuary’s courtyard.

Cat Sanctuary

Salvador revealed that we have been seeing more old cats coming from older people, who are in dire need of some veterinary care, since they haven’t received any for a long, long time.

The pandemic has put a halt on all onsite fundraising events and has resulted in a reduced income for the current donors as well. However, the online campaign seems to be picking traction, reveals Salvador. They have put up a restyled WWII poster that features a cat wearing overalls.

Jardinet was founded by Salvador’s parents 12 years ago. She’s striving to make things work with interviews for foster homes, adoptions, volunteers, and everything else.

The pandemic has, however, brough some new volunteers in.

Cat Sanctuary

Andreas Schaedler, a 33-year-old Swiss residing in Barcelona says coming to Jardinet helps her a lot since she works remotely in sales and needs some outside time every once in a little while.

In fact, the cats are also an integral part of the process. For example, Zipi, the four year old street-born member of the sanctuary teacher new arrivals the proper manner to respond to stroking and also food offers.

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