Cats are just as awesome as the Canadians, proves CatCam

cat cam

We’d just like to take a moment to bring to everyone’s notice how awesome Canadians are: charitable, funny and nice.

You know what makes Canadians so chill? The multiculturalism. Everyone sees and knows about it, but we have some Chinese optometrist’s shop right next to a Trinidadian roti joint, a butcher shop that sits adjacent to a Sri Lankan grocery shop. Cool, right?

It’s hardly a secret that we at paww love cats in all shapes and sizes. But what do our fluffballs do when we’re not around? I’m sure all cat owners thought of this one time. But there’s no way to know. Or at least there wasn’t until this German cat owner created a device called the CatCam.

cat cam

We believe he must have faced quite a conundrum when he was figuring out how to accomplish something like this, where you can’t be present or have much control – and you need an animal to follow directions. Following instructions doesn’t come naturally to cats, as you’d have guessed. So you see how this is challenging, then?

He did however, ended up with a solution. The device is made to loop around the neck of your pet, it could also be a dog – but the creator is a cat owner, so we’ll stick with a cat. The device then automatically keeps taking images, and makes a compilation of these pictures.

cat cam

As it turns out, cats are pawsome photographers and took some neat pictures. Who knew cats can purr, sleep, AND take dope photographs?

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