Guys, there’s a school for cats! We’re calling it… Kittengarten


Washington Humane Society has made playtime a lot more play-worthy by giving them a Kindergarten class where they can dash and tumble around.

However, the goal of the shelter and the humans is to ensure that these fluffballs remain happy, healthy and content in the adoptive home.


Kittengarten is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a class for pawrents and their kittens. The 4-week class covers important topics such as grooming and socialization, health, nutrition, and behavior facts. Organizers iterated that while dog owners have plenty of options when it comes to training, cat owners could also benefit from some guidance.

Even if pawrents have plenty of knowledge, the hands-on experience at the class could truly benefit them. For example, when Hanna Lentz, the trainer, illustrates one very critical grooming basic for pets with super-sharp claws: a nail trim.

Lentz lower herself to the floor, holds a kitten with the kitten’s back facing her, and touches the kitten’s shoulder.


When you a touch cats here, it’s their natural instinct to back up, explains Lentz. But they can’t go anywhere. She continues to clip a nail. Clip, treat, and relax – Lentz recommend this is the proper way. Taking it slow is important, don’t be in a rush to clip all nails at once.

The rest of the class, the student pawrents, make their first attempt by following Lentz’s instructions as they approach their reluctant furrballs.

It’s extremely important to start the process when they’re still kittens, because they’re not naturally inclined to trim their nails, explained Lentz.

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