Let there be no confusion – They’re Cats!

air canada cats

Air Canada is making attempts to please both, people who are insistent on bringing their cats aboard the plane and people who are allergic.

They didn’t consider asking us, but its so obvious. Ask people to not bring cats on the plane!

I have no issues with cats, in fact, I love them! But when people refer to cats as emotional support animals, they’re just flat out ignoring the facts.

Air canada cats

If you want an actual emotional support animal, get yourself a golden retriever. They adore everyone, more or less the same as food, and will go crazy if you come with the food.

However, kitties don’t care much about species they can’t eat. They might take naps in your lap, but that’s only because your lap is warm.

But let’s pin this aside for a moment. Let’s say your kitty loves you very much. Why would you return the love by sticking him in a small box?

It’s okay to bring your kitty to a relative’s place the holiday, I can live with that. But calling it an emotional support animal is just unsettling.

Air canada cats

Air Canada shouldn’t just knuckle under. If cats are boarding the plane, I want my peanuts – I don’t care about passengers getting an anaphylactic shock. I need my emotional support nuts.

Enough joking around though, we all love cats for their quirks! But do your pooch a favor and leave him with a competent kennel back home where he can spend some comfortable time rather than caging her and making her fly economy.


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