Make way for some luxurious cat cuisines

simon rimmer cat food

Simon Rimmer, the famous restaurateur, has curated a special meal for our furry companions. The dish features a beluga caviar, lobster and beetroot juice. At £24.95, it is the most luxurious cat meal on Earth, and we discussed a little bit about it with the creator himself.

Are cats really into the butternut squash?

We had a vet accompanying us to ensure that the portion sizes were safe and acceptable. Cats enjoy root vegetables when they’re served super squashed. I have a cat named Glynda who I fed this dish, she disliked the squash but lapped up the beetroot puree.

simon rimmer cat food

It’s been a widely accepted notion that you shouldn’t feed cats from the table – are you a non-believer?

No, I agree one hundred percent that cats should not be fed a human diet. This is just a one-off case.

Is Glynda upset about being put back on her tinned food?

I don’t think so. She enjoyed the dish but she’s more into dried food. It’s a matter of taste, that’s all.

Do you believe that Internet has led to making of cats into Gods?

There is a small group of people who do tend to overdo it beyond the acceptable level, just like with kids. But there’s always a time and a place for all that pampering.

simon rimmer cat food

Would you advise against trying this at home then?

It’s a lot of fun. But it is important to not feed your pets without consulting an expert regarding the portion size. The pet obesity issue is getting out of control if you ask me.

What’s the next dish you’ve got on your mind?

Perhaps something that has a venison carpaccio.

Let there be no confusion – They’re Cats!

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