Meet a Model NYC Commuter – Morty The Subway Cat

morty the cat

NYC’s subway is an ecosystem of its own, where even though the trains are ridden only by humans – the stations are open for almost anybody. We’re mostly looking at pigeons and rats here, but occasionally some geese and goats make also make an appearance.

New Yorkers so far have been interpreting the MTA’s rule creatively regarding permission to bring dogs on the train. However, cats are seldom seen on subways. If you ask any NYC commuter if they have ever seen a cat on a subway, they’d probably say no. But this changed on the night of Feb. 16 when Morty walked into the scene.

morty the cat

The fluffball was on its way home along with his owner aboard a J-train headed to Brooklyn. Sporting a multicolor bandana, he was lounged atop a pizza box in a canvas. He looks as happy as anyone else about the Monday.

Morty didn’t really care about the noises from the train or people hopping on and off the cabins, but had a decent stare. He wasn’t even once bothered to look at me as I exchanged words with the owner.

The owner tells me the Morty accompanies him everywhere he goes all over town. However, he can’t legally enter restaurants even if he has all his papers.

morty the cat

Only service dogs that are clearly marked and are put on a leash or harness have access to the entire NYC, which includes a Broadway matinee show of Waitress.

However, Morty did seem to be settling just fine with traveling on subway, so his owner and himself can continue to hop around NYC subways.

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