MetLife and Rescue Group make a Collective Effort to Locate the Game-Intruder Black Cat

metlife cat

A black cat took the stadium by storm earlier this week as it managed to rip through the football field when a Giants-Cowboys game was on. Animals rescuers have been looking for the brassy black kitty ever since.

MetLife has dragged PuppyKittyNYCity, also known as PKNYC, into the issue as it seeks to rescue the now popular cat. The PKNYC is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization. The PKNYC website states that during the past 1 year, they had rescued about 650 cats and 30 dogs. During the same time period, they also reported 380 adoptions.

metlife cat

The ultimate goal is to trap and neuter the cat, and then release it back.

MetLife also shared an update over its social media handles to put those worried about the cats at ease.

MetLife also stated that they are grateful for the outpour of support and will continue to put in efforts alongside PKNYC toward finding the black cat.

The game had been delayed by Clay Martin, the referee, after the black cat had ventured out on the field as the Giants drove into the 2nd quarter.

metlife cat

At the event, the staff at MetLife stadiu, and NJ State Troopers had made attempts to herd the kitty over to the end zone. The cat ultimately escaped into a tunnel and has not been seen since.

On a different subject, if you’ve been looking to bring home a kitty, PKNYC has plenty of options for you. Head over to their website to adopt a cat today!

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