NYC’s 1st dog café is open and giving the cats a run for their fame

Pet cafe

NYC’s café scene is no longer the monopoly of felines as the good boys have entered the game with the city opening its first dog café.

East Village at 195 Ave is soon become home to Boris & Horton later this year. The father-daughter duo has named the café after its dogs and will create two separate areas inside the café.

Pet cafe

On the café’s human side, you’ll be able to mingle with other dog lovers over snacks, coffee, or beer. And as you socialize, you’ll see the canine action on the playground on the other side through the glass wall.

Although it looks as though the dog lovers are responding the three cat cafes of NYC, their operations are slightly different.

Only the owner’s dogs will be in the playground during the week – which is an amazing way for dogs and humans to socialize in a non-dog-friendly neighborhood. While everybody is welcome to meet these pooches, make sure you don’t fall in love with them.

Pet cafe

Coppy Holzman clarified that they will only be accepting well-behaved pooches so as to maintain a peaceful environment, so if your doggo tends to misbehave at times, you’ll have to visit the café alone.

If you’re looking to spend even more time in canine company, you could always volunteer to walk cute pups that are waiting to be adopted at the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition. You can pay them a visit Tue to Sat from 9:30 in the morning to noon and on Mon, Tue, and Thurs from 5:30 in the evening till 7:30.

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