NYC’s Animal Care Center accumulates a surplus of 1000 cats

cat surplus

If you’ve been wanting to bring home a cute fluffball, now is a good time to adopt one from NYC’s Animal Care Center that has a surplus of about 1000 cats.

The Center has taken about 10,000 cats this year so far. That’s more by a thousand compared to the same period last year.

How come there were 10,000 cats? It’s the Kitten season, that’s right! The Center sees a large influx of kittens at its facilities in the period between April through September. The Kitten season this year was marginally warmer which could have led to cats mating earlier than the previous year.

cat surplus

The Center seems to think that the kitten season, for the past few years, has been starting a little earlier and ending slightly later.

In an attempt to get everyone to adopt, the Center has now started to offer zero fee adoptions when you adopt a cat that is over a year old.

ACC suggests that if you are unable to adopt, you could also foster. If you’re unable to foster, perhaps you have a friend that’s open to adoption or fostering.

cat surplus

A couple hundred cats of the 1000 are currently up for adoption, and there’s no lack of variety among these kitties.

If you want to head over to the ACC to adopt a cat – they have 3 Care Centers in Staten Island, The Bronx, and Manhattan. You can pay a visit between noon to 8pm, Mon through Fri or between 10am to 6pm on Sat and Sun.

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