NYC’s feral cats find a purpose after all

Jarvits cat

NYC has opted for a fresh approach in giving the feral cats a purpose and to contribute to the city by being rat exterminators.

Feral Cat Initiative has trained some volunteers for trapping feral cats. The cats are then neutered or spayed, and also vaccinated. The volunteers release the cats back on their territory, but sometimes these places have giant rat populations.

Jarvits cat

The Jacob K Javits Convention Center has employed 4 feral cats to keep a watch on their loading dock where they receive food and remove garbage from.

The manager of the Center explained that they used to call up the exterminator, but nature has given us a better alternative, that doesn’t cost a penny.

The employees at the Javits center managed to lure these felines to their loading docks some 2 years back.

Although cats by nature are predatory, it’s not necessary that they will attack cats. How they help is that rats don’t come close by when they smell the feline scent or droppings.

Jarvits cat

Nature has trained mother rats to never give birth to baby rats when there is a predator nearby, because they’d end up getting eaten, explains Jan Hoffman, Mayor’s alliance president.

It is almost as if nature has given us this natural remedy to a good hygiene that we hadn’t noticed until this point. Now that we have, we would probably never be calling the exterminator since the felines have been working like magic. You can’t find a single rat lurking around the loading deck with these felines keeping their guard on.

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