Petition to legalize bodega cats in New York City

sk deli cat

A negative Yelp review that complained about how bodega cats result in violation of the health code. The Brooklyn resident’s review has caused a lot of stir and it has manifested into a petition that urges the Mayor to legalize bodega cats in the NYC.

sk deli cat

It is extremely unfair that even though dogs are allowed in restaurants, cats are still illegal to be brought inside bodegas, as stated by Nicholas McMurry in his petition.

The petition has so far received about 224 signatures out of the required 500 to make it to the Mayor Bill de Blasio. The petition explains that felines help keep rodents off the premises and you’d never want rodent fecal matter in a bodega, isn’t it?

All the issue is rooted in the one-star Yelp review given by Diane D. to the SK Deli Market, located at the corner of Second Avenue and East 5th Street in East Village.

sk deli cat

She argues in her September 9 review that she’s ordered sandwiches from SK before, and they’ve always been really good. But the other day, she decided to visit and grab a sandwich herself. To her astonishment, a cat rested right in the middle of the store on some cases of Budweiser. Keep my cat allergy aside, what does the health code have to say about it?

Although the review has been removed, the screenshots from users are still floating on social media, and it ended up giving SK a whole bunch of positive reviews too.

Philadelphia, are you ready to adore the acro-cats?

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