Philadelphia, are you ready to adore the acro-cats?

acro cats

We’ve always heard how it’s tough to teach new tricks to an old dog, but while we’re at it – can cats be taught any tricks at all? The Amazing Acro-cats have broken the stereotype with the rescued housecats performing neat tricks. In fact, they also appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

acro cat

The success of these cats is attributable to Samantha Martin, their trainer. In addition to rescuing pets, Samantha has helped 200 cats find their homes. She also takes the Acro-cats for a road show across the country in their special bus. See cats jumping hoops, skateboarding and even take a jab at Tuna and the Rock Cats, the single all-cat band on Earth.

The cats are set to performing in the coming weeks at Philly’s Painted Bride Center of Arts. The show’s proceeds will be donated to the Philly Cats Council Community. The non-profit organization focuses on controlling feline overpopulation issue through TNRM (trap-neuter-return-management), neuter/spay, advocacy and education.

acro cat

The cats are coming to town and residents are having a tough time controlling their excitement. The excitement has erupted on social media as well where people have posted that they will support the Acro-cats for their noble cause and of course, the ferocious dose of entertainment. The talented felines are working towards a cause that will help plenty of other feral cats who would have otherwise suffered from malnourishment and other diseases.

Be sure to check them out and share their amazing talent with your friends and family, so they can bask in their glory too.

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