PSPCA takes on the Frankford woman for hoarding 240+ cats

cat hoarder

The animal rights protecting body filed charges against a Frankford woman who had been found with 240+ cats. That’s a large, large number.

The 64-year old Lanie Jacobson, resident of the Fillmore Street block 1600, was charged with 241 counts over unsanitary conditions.

Lanie could be imprisoned for 90 days for each charge pressed against her, a 90-day ban from owning any animal, and possibly a $750 as a fine.

cat hoarder

The Philly Police Department had served a warrant of arrest on Lanie. She was charged with 2 misdemeanor charges for possession a controlled substance and conspiracy.

PSPCA said that cats were transported to the its Erie Avenue shelter and given veterinary care. None of the cats were found to be critically ill, or otherwise in need of any urgent surgical care.

As many as hundred cats have so far been adopted or moved to other similar organizations. Over fifty cats are still awaiting adoption. Apparently, Jacobson has protested against surrendering the remaining 73 cats, so they will continue to remain with PSPCA until the legal dispute settles.

cat hoarder

As it turns out, Jacobson featured in a Philadelphia weekly piece back in 2010 when she had filed a petition with the city for permission to own more cats beyond the limit of 12 prescribed by city’s charter.

However, Jacobson decided to skip on protesting further for permission and began accumulating plenty of cats. Such unlawful acts must not go unpunished and we hope the authorities will take a decision that serves justice aptly.

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