Rejoice, the National Wine Drinking Day Coincides with Caturday

cat wine day

The National Wine Drinking Day is fortunately on the greatest week of the day, the Caturday. As responsible cat-lovers, it is our duty to involve the cattos as we celebrate the joyous occasion.

While it is deadly to serve alcohol to our feline companions, we have some awesome companies such as Pet Winery and Apollo Peak that are enabling the fluffballs to get in on the action.

cat wine day

Apollo’s offerings include White Kittenddel, Pinot Meow, Caternet, and the Meowtini. Pet Winery, on the other hand, offers Purrgundy, Meowsling, Catini, and a Chandon. All beverages are feline-friendly since they are only a mix of catnip and water.

Apollo Peak rose to prominence back in 2015 claiming that they produce only original cat wine. Pet Winery has recently caught up to become Apollo Peak’s competitor.

Apollo Peak’s CEO Brandon Zavala revealed that he conjured the cat wine idea out of nowhere.

cat wine day

Brandon explains that our feline friends are like our family member, or a friend, or a roommate. Then why just feed them water?

Zavala seems to believe that Pet Winery merely cloned Apollo Peak’s recipes. Taryn Nahm, founder of Pet Winery, however, argues that Apollo doesn’t own the market.

And anyway, Pet Winery has distinct recipes and they came up with the catnip and salmon oil recipe themselves. The company believes that they put in actual work to come up with some delicious recipes and did not just copy them from Apollo Peak.

So pick up a glass of wine and don’t forget to bring your felines to the Wine Drinking Day Caturday party. Why should hoomans have all the fun?

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