The British Foreign Cat Ends Career As He Moves to a Relaxing Countryside Lifestyle

Cat retiree

Palmerston, the mouse-catching black and white moggy, has been living at the British Office for some 4 and a half years. He is all set for retiring this week and hand over her duties towards the diplomats.

Even cats, much like humans, deserve to spend the last years of their lives without pushing themselves hard and letting things go as you watch. Retirement is an essential part of life, that even animals should benefit from, in particular the ones who have been made to work during their lifetime. This includes the cats serving at the Foreign Office and dogs serving on the Police force. All of them deserve a respectful retirement phase where they can sniff through the woods and jump around with fellow cats and dogs.

Cat retiree

Palmerston’s Twitter handle, which has over a hundred thousand followers, said the kitten who grew up at Battersea Cats and Dogs Home is now looking to spend some relaxing years away from all the limelight.

He signed with 2 paw prints and wrote to Simon McDonald, the senior-most civil servant at the Foreign Office, that he has had a lovely time climbing on tress and patrolling the open fields surrounding the new countryside home.

Cat retiree

I’ll reminisce rushing to the hideout to see who has arrived when I hear an Ambassador’s footsteps, writes he.

No wider reshuffle is on the cards with Larry the cat continuing his duties on Downing Street, and fellow Gladstone will remain at the finance ministry.


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