The hit ‘Cats’ musical returns to Broadway with Andrew Lloyd Webber

cats musical

The pawsome musical “Cats” composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, which is based on “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” by T.S. Eliot makes a comeback to the Broadway after a 16-year sabbatical.

The show’s official opening was at the Neil Simon Theater on Sunday and starred Leona Lewis. The “Cats” musical first debuted at the West End in London back in 1981, and was brought to Broadway the next year. It went through 7,486 performances before it closed in 2000. The show had received applauds across the board and had won several awards back then. The show was popular not just in English, but in non-English speaking countries as well.

cats musical

Andrew Lloyd Webber claims that the audience will find it absolutely the ‘Cats’ that they witnessed back then. It will make you reminisce the 80s and the 90s as you sit and watch the show.

Although, they have made it a little crisper than before. Andrew was never a fan of this one particular song that was a part of the musical, which they’ve gotten rid of. There have been other minor tweaks, but Andrew says he’s quite pleased with the end result.

cats musical

The show has won plenty of awards and has been witnessed by audiences in over thirty nations, and it has been translated into fifteen different languages. People outside of the US and the UK are also huge fans of the musical.

If you’re a fan of the Broadway, or the ‘Cats’ musical, go grab yourself a ticket to some of the best hours of your life.

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