There’s no end to oddness on the internet as people are now “breading” cats

cat breading

It’s quite difficult to understand how the concept came into being, but here it is. Thanks to the cat-crazy fandom of people who spend a lion’s share of their day online, the cat breading is catching up and giving all time-wasting activities such as stocking and planking a run for their money.

Cat breading is a procedural and methodical activity that requires patience and focus than those other activities. What you do is: grab a piece of bread, then cut the central area of the bread such that a large hole remains. Next, the toughest part – put your cat’s head inside the hole. Now, this can be very hard given how jumpy cats can be.

cat breading

If he breaks the bread, you’re going to have start over. If the cat freaks out, you’re going to have to calm him first. All of this, while you try to convince yourself that you’re not a waste of Earth’s very limited space.

A Facebook page for the activity has emerged, and people are losing their mind with thousands of followers flooding onto the page. The page also has plenty of fans posting pictures of their cats with their faces inside a bread hole.

cat breading

How are people accomplishing this, one might ask? Well, check out the photos and you might understand a little better. Although, it is not easy at all. Getting your cat to stay still, and putting its head through a bread hole – that’s a recipe for disaster. But it will knock a couple of hours out of your time if you’re REALLY that bored and have absolutely nothing to do on God’s green Earth.

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