This Instagram Superstar Cat Has a Huge Heart

zoe izzy cats

Adorable cat pictures never fail to create a stir over social media, especially Instagram. Zoë, a cat with a big black heart placed aptly on the chest, has been conquering the internet over the past few weeks. Zoë and Izzy, the two sisters. Zoë and Izzy, the two pawsome sisters, have managed to garner around 82,000 followers on their Instagram page. The initial adoration was all focused on Zoë and her big black heart, but lately both sisters have become extremely popular.

zoe izzy cats

We exchanged a few words with the owner.

Where did you meet Zoë?

I stumbled upon Zoë when I was adopting Izzy, her sister. Initially, we had decided on adopting only one kitten, and we had our eyes set on Izzy. But when we went to pick up Izzy, we couldn’t resist falling in love with Zoë.

zoe izzy cats

When did you notice the mark on the chest?

Zoë’s chest did not appear in any of the photos that we received from the previous owner. So the first time we realized about her heart was when we arrived to pick up Izzy. My eyes directly went to Zoë’s heart patch. It was only when we returned home and I took a few dozen photos of Zoë, that the heart became apparent to others as well. To be honest, I didn’t know the heart-shape was this perfect until we brought her home and she rested still for a moment.

How about their Instagram fame?

When I first started the account, there was no intention to make it popular. It just happened! It was overwhelming at first, and I am grateful for all those who send so much love to Zoë and Izzy.

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