Visit this Hawaiian cat sanctuary to cuddle with a gazillion cats

lanai cats

Dogs go straight to paradise, and perhaps that cats go to Hawaii. Well, most of them do.

The tiny island of Lanai brags of a sanctuary where they have a total of 500 cats. These cats are free to roam the 25 thousand sq. foot property that is full of trees they can climb, giant huts, and friendly human visitors who scratch their bellies.

lanai cats

The Lanai Sanctuary is open for visitors to play with cats that are uncaged only for a few hours each day between 10am to 3pm. Can’t splurge your savings on a trip to Hawaii? No problem, the sanctuary lets you adopt a cat of your choosing or sponsor it.

Keoni Vaughn, the Executive Director refers to the nonprofit as “Furr Seasons” and opened it back in 2008 with a view to provide homeless cats a safe shelter.

The sanctuary is primarily made for cats, but also protects endangered and indigenous bird species.

lanai cats

All cats when brought to the sanctuary go through a health checkup, get a microchip, and are spayed or neutered before mixed with the remaining population. If they never end up getting adopted, they’re free to live in the sanctuary for the entirety of their nine lives.

A man flew from across the world from Japan to the Lanai Sanctuary to get him some furry wholesomeness. But if you can’t take a trip to the sunny Hawaii, you can always go the Lanai Sanctuary’s Instagram page and bask in the glory of these several hundred kittens from the comfort of your home.

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